Frequently Asked Questions About Building Design FAQS

What Is A Building Designer?

A Building Designer is a professional who has the knowledge and experience to design residential buildings that meet all relevant legal requirements. A good building designer will take into consideration all safety, health and design requirements as mandated by local government and other governing bodies. Louise Andrew Design’s team also consults with local authorities to ensure every project meets their criteria.

Do you work with good builders that you could recommend?

Having established a dependable network of premier builders over time, we guarantee to pair you with the right Construction Companies that are most ideal for your venture when it comes time for bidding. All of our recommended contractors have had prior experience working with us and can be counted on to give the level of attention and precision your project needs.

Do you do commercial work?

Yes, of course! Our commercial building design portfolio includes everything from cafés to gyms and offices. We’ve even done some incredible warehouse conversions! If you’d like to review our work, be sure look at our Projects.

Do you provide a ballpark figure for my building project?

No. Unfortunately it isn’t possible to provide building costings due to each builder having their own pricing structure and the constantly changing prices of materials. Your budget is always top of mind when creating a building design concept and sketches can be provided to your builder for quoting.

Why should I invest in custom building design?

In today’s world, the power of thoughtful and clever building design is unparalleled. From how we interact with our spaces to individual relationships, quality design can deliver better experiences and make life much easier. It has the potential to address real issues that arise in everyday situations – making it one of your biggest investments ever! As such, smart homeowners should never take their chances when deciding on this precious asset; they must ensure good planning and execution for a successful outcome.

Building Design FAQS - Building Designer Geelong

Building Design FAQS – Building Designer Geelong

Building Design FAQS | When commissioning a Geelong building designer you’ll have questions. Click for more information or call 0437241576.

Pros and cons of design and build

A Geelong building designer is a pretty self-explanatory job; it’s someone who designs buildings in Geelong. Building designers are not the same as registered architects, but they do fulfil many of the same roles as an architect in the area of building design.

Just like in any other industry, each design practice has its unique approach. In the case of building designers, their role involves creating designs for new buildings or renovations/extensions. Additionally, they are responsible for documenting these designs for approvals and construction purposes. They also advise builders on design materials to be used.

There are different qualifications for building designers, such as having a degree in architecture (even if not registered with the Board of Architects), a diploma in building design, or architectural technology. Building designers have three license categories for low, medium, and highrise buildings. The category they hold determines which types and sizes of projects they can work on.

Using a building designer for any type of project has many benefits. Firstly, they are much more cost effective than an architect, as their fees are often lower and they can work faster due to their knowledge and experience with the local Geelong area. Additionally, they have expertise in areas such as energy efficiency, sustainability principles and construction costs.

Building Designer Geelong

If you are looking for a building designer for your project in Geelong, get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help. Our team of experienced and qualified building designers have the know-how and experience to ensure that your next project is successful. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you