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Multi-residential design – Multi-residential building design

Seeking to fully capitalise on inner city and suburban blocks that now allow for higher density construction?

Quality and liveability are central to creating multi-residential precincts and niche offerings.

Ensuring your new development is also in tune with surrounding properties and amenities while also standing apart to showcase an efficient and sustainable living environment will maximise the value of your investment.

Today’s multi-residential precincts often capitalise on the community landscape, innovating to boldly bringing the outside in, featuring light, colour and ventilation alongside maximising the use of space and materials.

Offering the lens of multi-residential design experience in both Australia and Europe, Louise Andrew delivers design expertise to projects of all sizes, from infill townhouses and apartments to diverse precinct developments.

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Innovative Multi-Residential Design

From the blank canvas to reality

Higher density living responds to the challenge of housing affordability and demand.

As cities grow, the urban spread creates infrastructure, accessibility and liveability challenges. Therefore, governments across Australia are driving “compact city” agendas – beginning with rezoning inner city suburban areas to encourage multi-residential redevelopment – a mix of apartments, townhouses and higher density living options.

Multi-residential design offers a range of both social and environmental benefits – beginning with the most efficient use of land. If located across commuter public transport corridors or within inner city areas, these precincts also reduce the need for car use, provide easier access to amenities and services, and may also drive community cohesion and diversity.

Design Process


1: Complimentary Meeting


2: Site Visit & Pre-Design

design development

3: Concept Design


4: Design & Development

working drawings

5: Town Planning (Not Always Required)

working drawings 02

6: Working Drawings

For more detailed information see our building design process page.

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