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how the design process works

Prospective clients may either make an appointment in our office or arrange an onsite consultation. We work with you to identify design options, site attributes, constraints and budget requirements. Information from this session means we are able to develop an obligation free quote for the preparation of drawings and documentation.


1: Complimentary Meeting

Our office is happy to welcome new clients for either an in-person appointment or an onsite consultation. During this session, we’ll work together to assess design requirements, site features and constraints along with your budget needs. With all the information gathered from our meeting, we can generate a free quote for drawing up documents as per your requirements.


2: Site Visit & Pre-Design

After the initial consultation, a site meeting is arranged to further discuss design options, undertake measurements and organise a feature survey where required. This analysis will explore solar opportunities, view lines, prevailing winds, neighbour details and any other relevant site attributes. In this stage we look at any overlays or restraints on the site that may need to be adhered to.

design development

3: Concept Design

After our site visit and exchange of ideas, we’ll start by crafting initial concept drawings based on the design brief. These include a scale floor plan with window and door locations, elevations, room sizes; all accompanied by an explanation highlighting passive solar design strategies to optimize the potentials of your project site. We want you to leave feeling confident about what we’ve understood as your needs for this project – so take home these drafts for thorough review!


4: Design & Development

A design meeting will be arranged to discuss the concept design (produced from Stage 3,) and any amendments or further design development work will be undertaken to reach your required outcome. Once completed, we recommend that the design be given to your preferred builder to obtain an estimate. From that builder’s estimate, further decisions can be made to modify the design if required. If you do not have a preferred builder, we can advise prospective builders on your behalf. See this link for details on our Design Process.

working drawings

5: Town Planning (Not Always Required)

If your property is under a planning control overlay, we need to obtain a planning permit from your local council. Town planning applications processes vary in approvals timeframes, however, with our advanced experience of dealing with town planning matters, we work to streamline the process and reduce the risk of revisions. We manage the application from lodgement to receiving a decision from the council.

working drawings 02

6: Working Drawings

Working drawings are the detailed drawings that are submitted for building approval. During this stage, we obtain quotes from other consultants who will also need to be involved in the project such as: Structural Engineers, Energy Rater, Bush Fire Reports etc.

Building Design Process

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