Tight Squeeze

Modern Finish

Central to this challenge was the creation of airflow and light on a tightly constrained block of land. The area of the site was only 321m2. It had an easement of 160mm each side and a 4m easement for the frontage. Luckily the site had 2 frontages so we were able to use the access for the carport at the rear. The site also had a covenant on it we had to abide to, and of course building regulations to adhere to. It was the clients first house so we had to come up with something cost effective but still well designed.

The client sought to build to each boundary to obtain max floor area, while also requiring light and air through the building. The creation of stepped in walls allowed for light and ventilation to be addressed and an angled front feature wall to also get the most of the space. Featuring a high pitched roof and moody finishes, this stunning abode incorporated design that showcased opulent stone finishes. She was lucky to have a known builder and stonemason at hand so we incorporated this into the design. Providing scissor trusses to the living area also cut down costs and still allowed for a raked ceiling inside.

Client: Dunn Family
Area: 146m2 including 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1 living area
Project Name & Suburb: Tight Squeeze - Ocean Grove, Vic
Designer Louise Andrew

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